Indispensable​ in a Throw-Away Society

“What’s the point anymore?” A thought I had to myself while watching overweight individuals attempting to shed their winter weight by jogging in the suburbs.

Something that bothers me about exercise these days is that we’re not going anywhere anymore – treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes.

I mean I can’t rightfully say that it was better before because I just wasn’t alive during hunter-gatherer times. I was born into a world connected by this “global village” where everything and everyone is disposable. We’re told and reminded over and over again that we’re replaceable. In our jobs, the stores we shop at, the fashion we consume, even romantic relationships there’s always  “plenty of fish in the sea” and we are but one of billions – so really what’s the point of doing anything if anyone else could do it?

I find I often fantasize of a time that villages were small and everyone had a role. Others were kind to each other because they were all part of a team that needed to stay together so that if bad weather or if the crop’s yield was weak or a member of the community fell ill, everyone would care. But our neighbors are strangers to us now. Our names and faces go forgotten and fade into the drone of the highways and the electric hum of florescent lights. We’re anonymous to our universities, to our customers, to our servers, and to the global village.

But our neighbors are strangers to us now. Our names and faces fade into the drone of the highways and electrical hum of florescent lights. We’re anonymous to our universities, to our customers, to our servers, and to this global village.

And honey – that’s not going to change if you keep complying, being boring, and selfish.

So my question is how does one become indispensable?
I’ve started to wonder what can I do for the world in order to earn my place at the table? It’s incredibly disheartening to live mindfully in a world set to auto pilot and I’m tired of surfing on the superficial just going with the flow as my body and mind expire.

There must be a way to make a difference today with what I have in my arsenal now.

I can’t believe that the only way I can truly make a change and reach people is by writing a song. I’m just using that as an example but I mean to say that I there must be a skill that I already possess and there is no reason why we all have to follow the star-studded, pipe dream of Hollywood record labeled to notoriety and fame to make a difference.

I’ve had a few people- both friends and not tell me that this blog I’ve started and the posts I’ve been making on Instagram inspire them. So this must be a good place to start for me, I’ve already made a little baby difference- yay!
Tiny steps of course – I like to think I’m slowly feeling my way into the dark, feeling the walls as I go and one day I’ll find the light switch and finally be able to see what it is I’ve been working towards.

Something unexpected that has always inspired me is this painting I came across in an art gallery. 
It was a plain white, blank canvas; It’s title “untitled”; it’s description, blank.

I remember thinking “how in the hell did someone convince this gallery to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this!? They must be a scam artist.”

The difference between you and that artist is that they did it and you didn’t. They have their name engraved on a plaque in a national gallery and you paid $13 dollars to come see it.

Now, I’m not saying let’s all go make bullshit art and call it profound to make a quick buck. I just urge you to think in bold, unique ways because if you forge your own frontier you truly have no competition and you’ll also inspire many other little budding buddies.

I found the “I’m just one in billions” fact disheartening for a long time until I realize that that means that I really don’t have anything to lose. It’s a great starting point to realizing you’ve got to get over yourself and step out of the mold in order to become anything great. So hey, switch off auto piolet, help others in whatever way you know how and earn your god damn keep.


As always, here are some quotes and videos that have inspired this train of thought:

“Be the person you needed when you were younger”

“Are you really happy or just really comfortable?” – Cindy G Castello

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.” – Audry Hepburn

“Casually Explained: Evolution III – The Human Player Type” – Causally explained (A youtube channel)

“Man in the Mirror” – Micheal Jackson


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