Read a Book, Damn It!

Who doesn’t love NewYears resolutions?

In 2016 I as looking at some resolution inspiration blogs and tips and found most of them were centered around the idea of “finally eating healthy!” or “it’s time to hit the gym!” – Obviously. I mean who doesn’t want to have an 8-pack and that 2017 raw vegan glow? I mean, those are great things but the difficulty level of goals like that are INSANE. I read a quote once that really put dieting and healthy eating into perspective:

“Eating healthy isn’t one decision, it’s a million”

You have to decide all day long, every single day for the rest of your life to choose the healthy option, to not snack, to not over eat, to take the stairs, to drink water instead of juice, soda or alcohol. That’s tough. I’m not saying to just forget your diet and exercise plans because they’re too hard. Personal betterment is always a good idea- I’m saying be realistic about your goals and actually know all of the little steps that are going to get you there (and keep you there! because you don’t ever “finish” eating healthy – that’s a lifestyle change, buster).

It will take a long time to see your results and even longer for others to notice – but you know a great quantifiable personal betterment option? READING.
THAT’S RIGHT! For the low low cost of scribbling your signature at your local library or working those biceps to pick up that classic novella you’ve been using to level the side table, you can nourish your pretty little brain!

Here are some example of the upsides to reading:
1. You will get smarter, guaranteed
2. You will become more cultured, guaranteed
3. You get to say “sorry, I was just reading this cool book” instead of playing Candy Crush
3. People will look at you and think “wow, look at that smart and cultured individual.. I’m just over here playing Candy Crush…”
4. You always have something to talk about
5. Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card

Now why I brought up resolutions earlier is that the resolution that I finally settled on for this year is to read *at least* one book every month. It’s not – “I’m going to read 12 books this year” because that leaves room for inconsistency like reading 9 books on a January resolution high and then scattered throughout the rest of the year or in December saying “oh shit, I forgot I was going to read 12 books this year- oh well I guess that’s what 2018 is for”.

Consistency is key- especially when you’re trying to form new habits – tackling a new challenge in a slow and steady manner really is the best way to do things to prevent burning out.

So what am I reading this year?
IMG_2318 2.jpgGlad you asked 😉


Revolution  by Russell Brand
-A smart political book by a very funny guy

The More of Less by Joshua Becker
-An inspirational minimalist book by a guy who started his journey as a blog!!

The Road by Cormac Macarthy
-A very dark and well-known classic with amazing imagery

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald
-Another classic set in the 1920s with beautiful character descriptions

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman
-An essential handbook for design that takes a look at the psychology of you user and how to design for them
(I just started this one but it comes highly recommended by my university profs)

I’m gonna be honest, I missed this month haha

Zen Essence: The Science of Freedom translated and edited by Thomas Cleary
-A little pocket book with bite sized wisdom from great Zen people to ponder on the bus ride

Compassion: the ultimate flowering of love by Osho
-A nice read about the art of compassion both towards yourself and other people

Slaughter House Five  by Kurt Vonnegut Jr
-Time travel! World War II! Childhood! Optometry!




All that said, what are you reading? 🙂


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