Famous on Instagram

So I’ve decided I’m going to become famous on Instagram.
I know – it seems silly to me too. I was scrolling through Instagram one day just looking at all of these modeling accounts (I used to model but stopped after some weird experiences with my agent) and I found myself feeling frustrated or hostile towards these people. It’s not like this is a feeling of pure loathing, it’s also admiration and jealousy – but being the introspective nut that I am I had to start working on figuring out where that angry feeling was coming from.

This stayed on the backburner of my mind as I – you know- did other stuff.

At first, I thought that I was up in arms about beauty standards or that these people were just “whoring themselves out to the world for attention”. I know there are a lot of people that just like to bash Instagram models and I was totally in that boat as well. It was when I realized that the script running in my head usually looked like this:

“Well, what’s so special about them? Why should they get all of this? I can do that too.

I realized these hostile feelings have nothing to do with the people on Instagram. They’re actually feelings born out of my own insecurity around the fact that I just haven’t done anything interesting. I find I often take the problems that I have with myself and somehow contort those uncomfortable feelings into something we can blame on other people. I know I’m saying that I do that, but it’s a problem everyone has but few will try to figure out where it comes from.

Luckily, my introspection process doesn’t stop there!

1. What is it that’s making you uncomfortable?
Insta-famous people.

2. Why is it making you uncomfortable?
“They’re not really famous! They’re just regular people just like me who do interesting things and take pictures. They’re not extraordinary- they’re just like me! I could do everything they’re doing and better but I won’t because I’m above that because I’m better then them and I’m EVEN better then them because I don’t have to prove it! Hmpf!”

3. Now – why is it actually making you uncomfortable?
What they’re doing is really cool and I feel jealous because they’re doing this cool thing and making connections with other people and I’m not… I have the skills to do this too but I haven’t because I’m worried that other people will say all of the mean things to me that I’ve been saying about the people on Instagram.

4. What can you do about it in order to move on?

Option 1: Get over it
Watch from the sidelines and stop trashing people for their achievements and move on.
Option 2: Ignore or avoid the situation
Unfollow the accounts that bother me or just delete instagram and move on.
Option 3: If you can’t beat them…
JOIN THEM! It’s stupid to abandon an entire social media platform because there are more successful people than me. I really don’t want to look back on my life and think “I wanted to be a model” or “I wanted to write a blog” or “blah blah blah *sad puppy dog eyes, stare out the window*, I didn’t do anything I wanted with my life because I’m a sad puppy dog”. I THINK THAT’S DUMB and I know I don’t want that because I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing for a while now and I’m bored of it.


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.49.43 PM.png

So how do you become famous on Instagram RightKatLeft?

I just do not know. I’m working on it though! I feel like this is just going to be another big trial and error deal but I’ve got a goal of having at least 1000 followers by the end of the summer. Doable? I think so (hope so)! So I’ve got some market researching to do and some Instagram strategies to develop in the mean time. But the end of the summer is about 4 months away but luckily I’ve got some cool trips planned for this summer to bring quality to my content.

So far I have…272 followers. Amazing-


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