2 Blogs, 1 Day

I’m counting today as my first official day of summer but that means anything but relaxing. Because I’m “an adult” now it means that I’ve got to be working. that being said- I don’t technically have a job for the summer so that means that I’ve got to make my own work whether I’m getting paid or not!

It’s not like I don’t have a plan. I’ve got a couple projects on the way and trips coming up quickly but I’ve always talked about starting a blog (who the hell hasn’t “talked about starting a blog”) but god damn it I’m going to start a blog.

Something to know about me is that I’m typically pretty lazy until the days where life just seems to strike me and I end up doing something weird like this (I’m sure I’ll tell some stories later). Today just happened to be one of those days but this blog is not the height of it! My dad and I also decided to start a blog called “THE REAL”. More specifically “THE REAL- Pizza Blog” because we’ve decided to try and master the art of the homemade pizza. My parents are newly retired but my dad, in particular, seems to want to do something new and weird.

THE REAL pizza blg.jpg


I’m hoping this personal blog will help me figure out some things about myself as well as be an important step to where ever it is I’m going in the future. I’ve been writing and keeping a journal for years now it seemed like it was only time until I started to make this thing public. SO JOIN ME WHILE I LEARN AND MESS UP. This blog won’t just be about the things I do well- I almost entire count on it being all about my mess ups and mistakes.

But hey- let’s all say it together “I will live an extraordinary life”. That’s what I’ve decided for myself so I welcome whatever may come. It’s all part of the journey- or something.


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